Paul Ryan says GOP will still work on health care fix, but gives no details on the plan


House Speaker Paul Ryan told a group of Republican donors that the GOP is not abandoning the health care issue after the American Health Care Act's humiliating defeat on Friday, the Washington Post reported.

President Donald Trump and a number of his top administration officials said the AHCA was the Republican Party's plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act — former President Barack Obama's signature health care law — and had no Plan B if the bill failed.

"We're going to move on. We really are," Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told Meet the Press, adding that an Affordable Care Act repeal is no longer a priority in Trump's first 100 days in office.

But Ryan assured donors on a conference call that health care reform was not dead, and said another plan is being drafted — though he declined to give any specifics, according to the Washington Post report.

"We're not going to just all of a sudden abandon health care and move on to the rest," Ryan said on the call, according to the Washington Post. "We are going to move on with rest of our agenda, keep that on track, while we work the health care problem. ... It's just that valuable, that important."

Ryan, however, did seem to place more blame on the House Freedom Caucus for killing the AHCA during the call than he did Friday after the bill's failure, according the Washington Post, saying the HFC was still in "opposition party mode."

The HFC led the charge to kill the AHCA, publicly working to earn GOP votes against it. 

However, a number of moderate Republicans also said they were voting against the bill over cuts to essential health benefits and an age tax