'The Flash' Season 3 Theories: Who is Savitar?


We are currently 17 episodes into The Flash's third season and we still do not have the answer to a very important question: Who is Savitar? Much like the first two seasons of The Flash, which featured Reverse-Flash and Zoom as antagonists, this year has placed Barry Allen against yet another villainous speedster. And while the lack of variety in The Flash's villains may irk some fans, the series has kept things pretty interesting by maintaining the mystery surrounding Savitar's identity. 

While we are still not aware of much, there are a few things we do know about Savitar. Despite initially claiming to be a speed god, we learn in episode 16 that Savitar is just another man in a mask. This becomes apparent when Jessie Quick is able to injure him through a weak spot in his armor. We also know that Savitar is from the future, and is eventually trapped in the speed force by Barry Allen. And while none of this reveals the villain's identity, we can begin to piece together the clues to make an informed guess. 

Before we fully get into speculating on Savitar's identity, I will note that it is possible that we will finally learn the answer in episode 18. Barry will face off against Abra Kadabra, a villain from the 64th century who just so happens to know the name of the man under the armor. It appears, though, that the mystery surrounding Savitar will extend until at least episode 19, as The Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told Entertainment Weekly that Barry will be going back to the future in search of answers. 

"Barry is going to realize that the hunt for Savitar's identity might not lie in the present, which will take the show in a fun and interesting direction," Kreisberg teased of episode 19. 

So, before Savitar is officially unmasked, let's take a look at who could possibly be under all that armor. 

Wally West

Bettina Strauss/The CW

In trying to guess Savitar's identity, it is hard to ignore the current speedsters. After all, because Savitar is from the future, he could technically be any one from the present. That includes Wally West. In fact, there was a time in which Wally appeared to be the most likely candidate. 

On several occasions, Team Flash has used Julian to communicate with Savitar. During their conversations, Savitar says several things of note. He tells Barry that he "created himself" and "I am the future, Flash." Drop a comma from the latter and you have Savitar saying "I am the future Flash." If that is indeed what Savitar is saying, it could be that Wally West has taken up the Flash mantle some time in the future — as he has in the comics — and has subsequently turned into Savitar.

It is also worth noting that Savitar was responsible for Wally gaining his speed. Is that how he created himself? Maybe. A slight wrinkle, however, in the notion that Wally is Savitar comes when Barry frees Wally from the speed force. If Wally becomes Savitar, that means that he will at some point be trapped in the speed force again. 

Barry Allen

Diyah Pera/The CW

After Wally West, one of the more obvious candidates is Barry Allen. And there are more than a few reasons to believe that the hero of the series could also be the season's big bad. Even if we forget for a moment that Savitar may have admitted to being the future Flash, having Barry turn evil would not be such a far stray from the comics. 

In fact, a story line from the comics saw the future Barry Allen go back in time to kill himself — all in an attempt to save Wally West's life. While it doesn't appear that The Flash is adapting this comic arc directly, it certainly is possible that something happens in the near future that causes Barry to turn rogue. After all, we do know that even future Barry doesn't trust himself — remember that message he sent Captain Hunter in Legends of Tomorrow saying just that?

Of course, there is something that Savitar does that would seem to completely discredit the theory that he and Barry are one and the same. And that is that Savitar kills Iris — at least in the current timeline. No matter how bad things go for Barry in the future, it is hard to imagine he would ever turn to killing the love of his life.

Jay Garrick

Jack Rowand/The CW

While it seems less likely that Jay Garrick would become Savitar over Wally or Barry, the fact that he is currently trapped in the speed force makes him a candidate nonetheless. When Barry goes into the speed force to save Wally West, he learns that a speedster needs to take his place. And while Barry appears willing to make that sacrifice, it is Jay who ends up staying behind. 

Since we know that Barry at some point traps Savitar in the speed force, is it possible that he is Jay Garrick? Well, it certainly doesn't seem like Barry trapped Garrick in his current prison. Still, after spending an eternity reliving his most painful moment, it could be that Jay's memory of how he came to be imprisoned has become warped. It would thus not be so much of a stretch for him to blame Barry.

Even so, Jay Garrick as Savitar just does not seem to fit. Barry carries so much guilt on his shoulders that it is possible that he slips down a darker path. And Wally has become so emotionally unstable that it is almost likely that things could go wrong. There have been no similar indications when it comes to Jay Garrick.

H.R. Wells

Katie Yu/The CW

While there are a few reasons to believe that H.R. could be Savitar, there are a whole lot more that make him an unlikely candidate. Not only does H.R. not have super speed — at least not yet — he frankly does not seem cunning enough to be Savitar. 

Of course, it is also hard to believe that The Flash's writers would once again make a Harrison Wells the villain. While Reverse-Flash assuming Harrison Wells identity in the first season was interesting, it essentially happening again would be boring, and dare I say it, unoriginal. The reason, though, that there has been some speculation that H.R. could actually become Savitar, is because of his relationship with Wally West. 

More than anyone else, H.R. has served as a coach to Wally, constantly helping him become faster. Is it possible that he has been doing this for some nefarious purpose? There is also the fact that H.R. and Savitar are the only two people on The Flash who seem to refer to Wally as Wallace. But is this enough to throw our support behind H.R. as Savitar? I don't think so.

Someone else entirely

While all signs point to Savitar being somebody that Team Flash is familiar with, that does not mean that the audience actually has any idea who could be under all that armor. And if you are to believe the Flash himself, actor Grant Gustin, we haven't a clue. 

"It's not the same as past reveals," Gustin told TV Line of Savitar's identity. "With Zoom and Reverse-Flash, the audience was starting to realize things before we all started to piece it together. But I don't know how you would know this year. And when you do find out, it's like, 'Oh. My. God!' There are really no secrets or hints leading up to to it."

If we are to take Gustin at his word, that there are actually no hints teasing Savitar's identity, then it is likely that none of the names listed will become Savitar. After all, there were quite a few reasons to suspect each one. But if there have been no clues leading up to the big reveal, we find ourselves right back at square one: Who is Savitar?

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