'Batman: Arkham Insurgency' Rumors: 5 things to improve about the series


This must be a pretty rough time to be someone who actively dislikes D.C. Comics. Between Injustice 2 and the Justice League and Wonder Woman movies, there's a whole lot of D.C. brand expansion happening right now. It can feel a bit suffocating.

It's not about to end anytime soon, though, as it appears the caped crusader is going to get another standalone video game in Batman: Arkham Insurgency. The details were originally leaked in a Reddit thread that has since been removed, but What Culture has a rundown of everything that's been "leaked." 

It sounds like it'll be a prequel that takes place after Arkham Origins, set in a coastal area of Gotham that's roughly the size of Arkham Knight's game world. Of course, there are more than a few things the series could improve upon in its next game.

There are big expectations for anything involving Batman. What should they do to make the best game they can?

Batman: Arkham Insurgency Rumors: No more Batmobile tank

Arkham Knight focused way too much on Batman's signature ride, which could transform into a tank for no good reason. You spent entirely too much time on that game blowing things up with a tank, which is strange for a hero whose whole thing is he doesn't use guns or kill people. It felt out of place.

According to those Reddit leaks, the tank mode won't be in Arkham Insurgency at all. That's the right move.

Batman: Arkham Insurgency Rumors: Cut back on the Batmobile in general

The Batmobile is inextricable from Batman himself, so it's not a bad thing for it to be included in the game. That said, the Arkham trilogy was at its best when you were sneaking around and messing with the minds of armed goons before taking them out. Driving is cool, but it's not the most fun part of being Batman.

Unfortunately, the leaks suggest the Batmobile will still be a big part of the game and there will still be Riddler race courses. Boo. That brings me to my next suggestion...

Batman: Arkham Insurgency Rumors: Scale way back on the Riddler collectibles

Solving The Riddler's... riddles in Batman: Arkham Asylum was fun because there weren't so many of them that it became exhausting. Each one had a different little puzzle that led to a collectible. It was cool.

As the sequels took place in larger and larger game worlds, the number of collectibles grew. It got to the point where finding Riddler trophies was tedious because there were just too many of them. Sadly, these leaks suggest Arkham Insurgency will have around 100 trophies to collect. 

Batman: Arkham Insurgency Rumors: Innovate the combat

Arkham Asylum's melee combat was (and arguably still is) best-in-class in 2009. Concepts from it made their way into games like Assassin's Creed and Sleeping Dogs, making it fairly influential over the past several years. That's all fine and good, but maybe it's time for something new. The good news is the leaks suggest it will be changed a bit to accommodate 1-on-1 encounters more than before. Sounds great.

Batman: Arkham Insurgency Rumors: Make Batman and Robin feel distinct

Finally, it sounds like Batman and Robin will both be playable characters. This should go without saying, but if you're going to be required to play as both of them throughout the game, they should really feel different. Batman and Robin are different characters with different methods and that should be reflected in the gameplay. There's no reason to believe this won't be the case, but just in case any developers are reading this, please keep that in mind.

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