Nintendo Switch front covers for your dock prevent screen scratching in the best way


The Nintendo Switch's clever design allows you to play the handheld console on your television, but the device can be easily scratched if your device is without a front cover. Some may choose to go the screen protector route, but if you prefer to keep your system naked, a Switch front cover in the form of a dock sock does the trick. Here are the coolest-looking ways to protect your Nintendo Switch screen.

Nintendo Switch front cover: Our favorite dock socks to protect your screen


SolidSleeves on Etsy provides some very simple designs, like this Switch logo front dock cover. There are even options for a subdued gray logo and one matching the color of your neon Joy-Con.


MrGeeksBotique offers up some game-specific options, like the Zelda sock dock, vintage Mario or the Hulk front cover if you prefer the graphic novel look. Check out their Etsy shop for even more options.

If you want more comic book-themed dock covers, Wonder WomanSpider-Man and Batman-themed dock socks also exist. They're also cheaper than that Hulk option. 


Etsy user Spicetag is selling NES-inspired and N64-inspired Switch front covers for your dock, continuing the trend of nostalgic designs. Then again, if you're looking for a more violent dock sock, they also offer the bloody one pictured above.

If you're a diehard Nintendo fan, you should definitely check out Yicreations on Etsy. They offer a variety of Nintendo character-themed dock socks, along with some non-gaming themes like a Seattle Seahawks cover.


Those who feel the Nintendo-inspired front cover themes are too redundant can opt for this Charlie Brown sock cover by LittleCornerCreation. The shop also has a Star Wars option.

Finally, if you want cats staring at you while you run through Hyrule in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, that's an option too, thanks to Etsy seller EmSeeItch.

If you're still not satisfied, there are plenty more options. You can find more Nintendo Switch front covers for your dock here.

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