Trump wants $1B to build a portion of the border wall that would barely span Rhode Island


President Donald Trump is set to ask for $1 billion to fund the first stage of his border wall, a chunk of change that will cover just 48 miles of new wall, CNN reported Tuesday.

The 48 new miles of border wall is a chunk so small it would just cover the length of Rhode Island — the smallest of the 50 states. Another chunk of the requested $1 billion is to repair 14 existing miles of border fencing. 

According to CNN, 14 miles of new wall will be built in San Diego, while another 14 miles of existing wall in San Diego will be repaired. The rest of the wall will be built in the Rio Grande Valley region in Texas.

The $1 billion ask would cover just 3% of the 1,933 miles of border between the United States and Mexico. Roughly 700 miles of border wall currently exist.