'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' East Gerudo Ruins: How to unlock Korsh O'hu Shrine


One of the areas in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the Gerudo Desert, is home to the divine beast Vah Naboris and the evil malice that's corrupting its mechanical guts. However, you'll also encounter side quests, the Yiga clan and the deadly sub-boss, Molduga. And of course, you'll find shrines as well. One such shrine is hidden in the middle of the East Gerudo Ruins, under the watchful gaze of seven enormous statues of Gerudo heroines long past.

If you've passed this landmark before and are curious as to what these statues are hiding, we've got you covered with a walkthrough on what exactly to do at the East Gerudo Ruins and what you'll find inside the shrine.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild East Gerudo Ruins: How to solve the puzzle and unlock the shrine

According to C2quared's YouTube channel, when you get into this area (which you can see to the southwest of Vah Naboris), you'll find seven statues arranged in a circular pattern with a dais pointing in toward the center of each one. On each of these daises, you'll see a shallow depression where an orb can be placed, and several of them will have an orb with a symbol on it in them already.


The first thing you'll want to do is head to the statue at the 12 o'clock position (true north) and climb up it. One of the orbs you'll need is resting on top of the statue's arms, so use the Magnesis rune to grab it and drop it onto the floor below. Every other orb should already be on the ground, so once you've got them all down there, you're ready to solve the puzzle.


The easiest thing to do now will be to move all the orbs out of the receptacles they're in and place them in the middle. The reason you want to do that is because not all of them are in the proper daises, and each heroine statue has a corresponding symbol somewhere on it that will tell you what orb you need to place where. 

You can use the camera function on your Shiekah slate to find most of them from the ground if you don't want to go crawling all over the statues to find them. However you decide to do it, we recommend taking the time to draw out the statues' positions and writing down the symbol that corresponds to the orb you need. If that seems like a lot, don't worry — we'll give you the solution below.


Once you've placed all the orbs with their proper heroines, you'll hear that telltale "puzzle complete" sting and the Korsh O'hu shrine will shoot up from the ground. It's a blessing shrine, so you can just mosey on in for a free flamespear and spirit orb. Always nice to get a reprieve, however brief.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild East Gerudo Ruins: Puzzle solution

If you're disinclined to figure out which orbs go where, we've taken the liberty of writing it out for you.

Starting from the statue at 9 o'clock (the west-oriented one from True North), place the orbs in this order moving clockwise: Apostrophe Symbol, Caret Symbol, Doughnut Symbol, Two Dots Symbol, "S" Shaped Banner Symbol, Flame Symbol, Two Parallel Lines Symbol.

Not so bad, was it? Now get out there and show some Bokoblins the business end of your new flamespear, you scamp.


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