'Overwatch' Widowmaker Statue Price: This deluxe character figure costs a whopping $150


Blizzard Entertainment just announced a gorgeous new high-end Overwatch collectible: a hand-painted statue of Widowmaker that stands at 13.5 inches tall.

Now for the bad news: It costs $150. Yeah.

Of course, if you're a die-hard Overwatch fan with a knack for collectibles like this, maybe you can justify the cost. Take a look at the video Blizzard released that shows the statue in detail to decide for yourself.

Overwatch Widowmaker statue announcement

Right now, the statue is only available for pre-order. Blizzard's site says orders will ship "before the end of Q3." This is only the second such Overwatch character statue that's available so far, so it's likely that Blizzard will continue releasing statues for its most popular characters in the future. The first was a statue of Reaper.

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