Nintendo Switch Stock Update: Best Buy is receiving a restock — here's how to get one


The Nintendo Switch stock situation hasn't been the smoothest for many buyers. It's not often that the device sees a restock, and when it does GameStop forces purchasers to buy it as part of a bundle that requires more money up front for games you  might not actually want. Other stores like Toys R Us have seen their Switch stock updated to provide potential owners with more units. Now, it's Best Buy's turn.

Nintendo Switch stock update: Brace yourselves, a Best Buy restock is coming

The blue and yellow retailer tweeted on the evening of March 28 to confirm the return of Nintendo Switch stock. Here's the actual tweet:

The Nintendo Switch's return to the store is joined by the flavor text, "Be ready because these won't last long." Not very inspiring for potential buyers who want to simply walk into a store whenever and grab a Switch. Less inspiring is the tweet's engagement: 600+ retweets and 1,500+ hearts mean the secret's out. Among those retweets is the official Nintendo of America account, meaning many die-hard Nintendo fans have seen the Bat-Signal and read the message loud and clear.

Surprisingly, Best Buy will even have NES Classic Edition stock, an item which (when we contacted numerous local GameStops) many presumed to be discontinued.

Nintendo Switch stock update: How to ensure your purchase of the Switch

With many buyers interested in purchasing the Switch in light of the restock, how can you best go about purchasing the item? The answer: stick very close to your computer or even your smartphone. You'll want to keep Best Buy's Nintendo Switch page open. Head to the console purchase page and refresh repeatedly around the time of 1 p.m. Eastern, even five to 10 minutes before then, just in case (some retailers post their purchase pages early). Make sure to keep both gray and neon color options open in different tabs, you can always buy one and swap out the Joy-Con later.

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