'MLB the Show 17' network error and server issues plague game's launch


It's happening again. The launch of another otherwise stellar MLB the Show title release is being hampered by network error and server issues.

MLB The Show 17 launched on Tuesday for the PlayStation 4, but as of noon EDT on March 29, gamers still aren't able to access all or some aspect of the game's online components.

Longtime fans of the series are accustomed to these issues around the launch of a game. MLB the Show is one of the most consistently solid sports video game series in existence, but these launch problems are about as predictable as the qualities that make the series so beloved.

MLB the Show 17 network error and server issues: Sony's response

Here's a look at the communication Sony has been sharing with The Show community since launch:

MLB The Show 17 network error and server issues: A possible fix?

Unfortunately, there is no fix for this issue. All gamers can do is wait. If history has taught Show fans anything, it's that the problems will be resolved incrementally.

That's probably not much of a comfort for gamers who spent extra money on deluxe editions packed with goodies that are designed to be enjoyed via online play, or for the fans who barely play the offline modes.

On the bright side, this is an era of gaming that allows developers to patch and update issues post-launch. There was a time, back in the cartridge days, when a broken game stayed broken.

Still, the "you've got it good" approach is a tough sell to a generation of gamers so plugged into online gaming.

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