Best 'Overwatch' Characters: Here's the most popular hero in each state


We know Overwatch and its diverse roster of 24 characters are ridiculously popular, but that's not a particularly useful bit of information. Does interest in each character vary by region? Which states search the internet for certain Overwatch characters more than others? OK, maybe that's not particularly useful data either, but it sure is interesting.

Zippia — a career advice website for recent college grads — thought so too, and sent us data that shows which states search for each Overwatch character the most.

But we asked Zippia for something a little extra: A map of every single state that shows which Overwatch character is most popular there. The map they sent us is unintentionally hysterical.

The most popular Overwatch characters in each state

Well, folks, here you go: The most popular Overwatch character in every state according to Google search. Drum roll, please.


Yep, that's right, Sombra was the most searched-for character in literally every single state in the U.S. Not entirely surprising, given the astronomical hype that surrounded her release throughout her months-long alternate reality game in the summer and fall of 2016.

"Turns out she's been Googled at least 10 times more than the closest character globally over the last year," Zippia said over email.

Which state searches for each Overwatch character the most?

Zippia also provided data about every other Overwatch character — specifically, which state searches for each character the most. 


Here's that same data, in text form:

• Ana: Alaska

There doesn't seem to be anything all that obvious about why certain characters are more popular in certain states than others. In fact, it's kind of hilarious that Zenyatta — a peaceful, transcendent monk — is most popular in Nevada, the most infamously sinful state in the country. 

Maybe they're trying to atone.

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