Who won the presidential debate: Israel


The final presidential debate is tonight in Boca Raton, Florida at 9pm Eastern. It focuses on foreign policy, largely seen as a strong suite for Barack Obama and a weakness of Mitt Romney. However, seeing that it is so far in the face it is unlikely this debate could really tip the scale considerably in either direction. Considering the overwhelming focus on domestic issues like health care and the economy, foreign policy issues like national security and Afghanistan are falling towards the bottom of lists of what voters care about.


But while foreign affairs are low on voters lists, it doesn't mean a candidate can completely fumble in this debate and come out unscathed. Obama will surely stress that as Commander-in-Chief one of your main jobs handling international crisis' and that he has an an exemplary job at it. He will often make a few quips that Mitt Romney's only foreign experience is sending jobs overseas and forgetting leaders' names. Romney will continue criticizing Obama's response to Libya and the handling of the aftermath of the Benghazi attacks on 9/11. Romney will also try to pin blame on Obama for Iran supposedly hastening toward a nuclear weapon and also for a loss of American prestige abroad.


In sum this debate will have Romney playing it safe with cut, clean, and snippy talking points designed as a bulwark from Obama trampling all over him. Obama will stress his foreign policy record and cast Romney as a warmonger. When it's all over we still won't know who is president and people will wonder what exactly anything the candidates said about foreign policy will effect what they actually care about: the economy.

10:22 PROTIP: Neither candidate would label China a currency manipulator on day one or any day for that matter.

10:13 Seriously is it really taken for granted that the Middle East being in tumult (read: period of change) is a bad thing?

10:01 It's starting to sound like Mitt thinks the Middle East surging towards democracy is a bad thing.  My question for Mitt: If the majority of people in a country don't want what you want, do you support democracy in that country?

9:59 Gotta check the official debate papers.  Maybe this whole debate is supposed to be about Israel and not foreign policy in general

9:50 I'm starting to think Romney's advisors told him that if he is starting to do badly to just agree with Obama and say you will do things he already did

9:45 Obama to Mitt "The military isn't a game of battleship"

9:40 Moderator asks Romney how he would pay for his policies.  Romney says check my site but I'll tell you what I will get rid of ObamaCare!

9:37 talking about domestic education policy. You've gotta really stretch it to make this fall under foreign policy umbrella

9:31 Because of that pivot we are still talking about domestic economic policy.

9:27 Obama pivots to American economy during segment on Mubarak? Really?

9:21 Romney paraphrased on Syria "We gotta find the good guys there and give them some badass weapons"

9:19 Obama paraphrased on Syria "The stuff happenin' in Syria sucks but if you wanna get in there strong we're gonna get ourelves into another Iraq"

 9:08 Romney wants to make the Middle East get rid of extremists on their own.  Is that like self ideological deportation?  Curious to hear Romney's plan for Syria.

9:06 And right off the bat we go onto the Middle East. Mittens is very disapointed in the Arab Spring.  Also, not very keen on Muslim Brotherhood.  I think I just heard a republican presidential candidate say "We can't kill ourself out of this mess"?