Someone compiled 14 seasons of 'ANTM' makeovers into one 2-hour supercut. Thank you!


America's Next Top Model — the UPN/CW iteration, at least — will be remembered for a lot. There is, of course, Tyra Banks, and her glossary of model-speak (smizing, flawsome, booty touch). There's the revolving door of judges, from Janice Dickinson to Twiggy to André Leon Talley. 

Then there's the moments: "Be quiet, Tiffany" (sometimes referred to as "I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you"), "This is not America's Next Top Best Friend," Janice Dickinson telling Cycle 1 contestant Shannon that she might as well "work in a car factory or bakery" because she refused to pose nude, Michelle from Cycle 4's flesh-eating face condition and who could forget the time Tyra "passed out" to teach the Cycle 6 contestants about acting. (Meryl who?)

Fans of ANTM will remember each cycle's makeover episode as a major turning point for the women (and later the men) on the series. Being chosen to be on the show was big, but getting the makeover showed that Tyra and company were invested in shaping your future. It also meant that, win or lose, the contestant would go home transformed (literally).

There's Ann's chunky highlights on Cycle 3, Cassandra and her epic meltdown over her platinum Mia Farrow pixie cut on Cycle 5 and Saleisha's questionable mushroom cut on Cycle 9 just to name a few of the hundreds (yes, hundreds) of makeovers seen throughout the show's original 22 cycles.

From out of thin air earlier this month, YouTube user TopModelChannel complied all the makeovers from the first 14 cycles into one epic, 2-hour super-cut. It's important that you watch it.