'Pokémon Go' Shiny Pokémon Update: Shiny Magikarp is here to stay, Niantic confirms


With the Water Festival having ended in Pokémon Go and taken with it those increased spawn chances for water type Pokémon, players have been wondering whether or not shiny Magikarp will be sticking around.

The answer appears to be yes, according to Niantic. Read on for more info on the future of shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go shiny Pokémon update: Shiny Magikarp is sticking around

Although we've previously mentioned that all evidence points to golden Magikarp and red Gyarados sticking around after the Water Festival event ends, it's always good to get confirmation. Explicit acknowledgement that shiny Pokémon were sticking around came on March 29. After the Water Festival event had officially ended, the Pokémon Go Twitter broke the news.

It doesn't get much more official than that. So it's good to see Niantic communicating that yes, golden Magikarp are still in the game even though the water festival has ended. Hopefully it's something they start to make a habit out of, because posters on the Silph Road were notably more excited that the developer was announcing that the event had ended at all.

"Wow, an announcement that the event ended," user Kevkillerke posted. 

Given that the Water Festival itself was only announced the day it was set to debut and Niantic's penchant for vague mysteriousness when it comes to future updates and events, perhaps a little light roasting by the subreddit is warranted. 

"Communication from Niantic?" Silph Road poster Venaliter1813 responded. "It was even more surprising then shinies appearing out of nowhere."

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