Who Won the Foreign Policy Debate: Obama vs Romney Results in Final Presidential Debate

ByMichael Millican

If you are anything like me you have more than likely been following this season’s presidential campaign from its start in the State Fair of Iowa. If you are also like me and lean libertarian or supported Dr. Ron Paul in the Republican primary, you are probably still searching for a fundamental difference between the two contenders in regards to foreign policy. Tonight will be the final moment for either the President or Governor Romney to offer that choice to the American people. Having experienced four years of Obama one thing is certain — for all the talk of a fundamental change in foreign policy, none has occurred. He has made that Nobel Peace Prize he won appear nothing more than a knee-jerk election award.  While the polls at this stage in the campaign are neck in neck there are several points on which Governor Romney could capitalize on the President’s poor war record. Unlike many of the Governor’s advisers and pundits in the conservative blogosphere, I am not hoping he takes a more bellicose tone toward Iran or accuses the President of abandoning Israel.  He should instead offer the American people the chance for peace. Unlike the President, he should propose to bring the troops home not just from Afghanistan, which has been a futile conflict for years, but from Germany, Korea, and all of the other Cold War holdovers. Obama can take credit for killing bin Laden but Romney should also force him to take credit for over the 1,000 young Americans who died in Obama’s war in Afghanistan as well as all the innocent Pakistanis killed by the Obama drones. PolicyMic will be convering the presidential debate live.  For more updates, book mark and refresh this page.  

UPDATE: 7:31 PM  Mitt Romney take note:  Rand is showing you how it's done!