'Destiny' Age of Triumph Vault of Glass Armor: All the new raid armor in the expansion


Destiny's "Age of Triumph" swan-song event is in full swing, with all the game's old raids revamped with new gear and plenty of old exotics to reinvigorate. Of particular interest is Vault of Glass, the game's first raid that has been resurrected with new armor sets to collect.

Game Rant has a gallery of every new piece of armor from all of the "Age of Triumph" raids.

New Vault of Glass armor in Destiny "Age of Triumph"

Here are some of the cooler examples of the new gear you can get in Vault of Glass. You can click on over to Game Rant to see the full gallery.

Game Rant/Bungie

Hunters can get a set that looks pretty damn cyberpunk, which I will always support. Titans, meanwhile, can get a helmet that looks like Chappie.

Game Rant/Bungie

Warlocks are obviously the coolest class in Destiny, but their new Vault of Glass gear is pretty underwhelming. Seriously, what is with these boots?

Game Rant/Bungie

Other than those ridiculous boots, these new sets are pretty sweet. Destiny 2 likely won't come until closer to the end of 2017, so you've got plenty of time to get the band back together and do some raiding.

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