'MLB The Show 17' pre-order bonuses: How to redeem your codes


MLB The Show 17 was released on Tuesday, and after a delay, the servers appear to be up and working for most who own the game. This means fans who pre-ordered the game and those who bought one of the two special editions should be free to redeem their incentives.

These were issued in the form of a code, and there were some issues with redemption early on. GameStop, which exclusively offered the MLB The Show 2017: Hall of Fame Edition offered this bit of assistance for those experiencing issues with their codes:

If that's not your issue and you simply want to know how to redeem the code on your PlayStation 4, the MLB The Show official Twitter account posted these specific instructions:

If you're still having problems after that, you may want to seriously consider calling, messaging or emailing Sony directly.

For most people, though, the two directives above should clear up any issues.

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