'MLB the Show 17' Guess Pitch: How to use it to make better contact in Road to the Show


Using the "guess pitch" option in MLB the Show 17 can help you drastically improve your hitting, and it's a realistic approach to hitting major league pitching. Here's how to do it based on our experience with the game.

How to use guess pitch in MLB the Show 17

When some major league hitters face top-notch pitching, they often guess pitch and location. The pitcher on the mound may have a dominant repertoire of pitches. So rather than trying to react to whatever comes to the plate, the hitter can make an educated guess about what pitch is coming and where it will be located.

If the hitter accurately predicts the pitch, it's their responsibility to hit it hard. If they don't, they can still attempt to react, or just take the strike. This approach is especially effective before there are two strikes in an at-bat. Once there are two strikes, the hitter must guard against the strikeout since a wrong guess means a costly out.

This is also the way you should use the guess pitch option in MLB the Show. In the video game, you're rewarded for guessing right.

A red indicator appears on the screen revealing the location of the pitch. If you also guessed the pitch type correctly, the indicator will be accompanied by a flashing circle.

Here's what it looks like:

Brian Mazique/Mic

Perhaps you always look for a pitcher's best pitch, down in the zone on the first offering. If you get it, then hammer the ball — as long as it's a strike of course. If you don't and you take the pitch for a strike, you've still got two more strikes to take or swing at before you're out.

If you mess up the first time you can still guess the pitch and location again. Only this time, take into consideration what the last pitch was and where it was thrown. Do you believe the pitcher will go back to the same pitch or try to throw you off balance with the polar opposite?

Therein lies the cat-and-mouse game. Even when you guess wrong, you're still using some actual strategy to better your chances at making solid contact. Ultimately, though, it still comes down to execution.

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