What is Netflix Live? Everything you need to know about the April Fools' Day prank.


Netflix introduced a new feature called "Netflix Live" today. The streaming platform teased the new addition as "something big" and "something long" in the below video. You can begin watching Netflix Live! here. Once you click the livestream, a video will load of actor Will Arnett narrating viewers through footage displaying random everyday objects. 

"The anticipation. There's so much drama with the toaster," Arnett says as he watches and awaits a piece of bread to pop up from the appliance. Arnett rambles on like this for 48 minutes — and in extensive detail — about other items such as a office copy machine, puzzle pieces, pencil sharpeners and a glossary, to name a few. But probably the best part is the nearly five-minute scene of watching someone attempting to parallel park outside the Netflix building.

"With Netflix Live, you can experience life's biggest thrills, right from the comfort of your couch," Netflix promises in a video describing the new feature.

But don't get too excited yet about this being anything more than a possible prank. Tomorrow is April Fools' Day, and it seems Netflix is getting its kicks out of supplying a mindless stream to grab more attention from subscribers who were probably planning to give the platform's latest content hours of viewing time anyway.

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