Donald Trump wants you to know that Mike Pence's marriage is in great shape


The President of the United States wants you to know that Vice President Mike Pence, who refers to his wife as "mother," has a great marriage.

Stopping in the midst of a briefing on executive orders at the White House on Friday morning, Trump made sure to stand by the man whose marriage is a current object of horror and fascination for the internet at large.

Jose Luis Magana/AP

Earlier in the week, a Washington Post profile of Karen Pence brought to light a number of ways that the Pences maintain the sanctity and bond of their traditional marriage, such as:

• Mike Pence used to keep a red phone on his desk, and only Karen knew the number in case of emergencies.

The conservative Twittersphere took the opportunity to stand in solidarity, bragging that they too are unable to be trusted in the absence of their wives.

But Trump isn't worried. In the middle of the Oval Office, during a briefing on the day's executive orders, Trump turned his sights to Pence's marriage.

"I will tell you one thing," Trump said, apropos of basically nothing. "He has one hell of a good marriage going."

Then, a few minutes later, as one reporter for Bloomberg noted, Trump left without signing anything, leaving Pence to pick up after him.