'MLB The Show 17' Conquest Rewards: What you get for conquering divisional territories


Conquest Mode returns to the Diamond Dynasty feature in MLB The Show 17, but there are more rewards for playing the mode. Here's everything you need to know.

MLB The Show 17 conquest rewards guide

This year, there are divisional missions that challenge you to take over the territories of every team in each division. 

Essentially, you have to grow your fanbase and venture into the areas of each team, defeat them and grow your army of support until you have taken over most of the map.

If you're successful, a pretty sweet collection of cards awaits. Per Cardinalbird5, here's a list of the cards you receive for completing each divisional and league missions.

• NL West: Paul Goldschmidt - 89 overall

• NL Central: Geovany Soto - 86 overall

• NL East: Anthony Rendon - 87 overall

• AL West: Jim "Catfish" Hunter - 91 overall

• AL Central: Alcides Escobar - 86 overall

• AL East: C.C. Sabathia - 91 overall

Once you've completed all of the NL teams, you'll get a 93 overall Matt Holliday. A 93 overall Curtis Granderson is the reward for conquering the AL teams.

Jeff Roberson/AP

After conquering all of the major league territories, you'll receive a 94 overall Reggie Jackson.

That's not a bad group of guys. Your team should be ready for some serious online wars after receiving these additions to your collection and Diamond Dynasty lineups.

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