April Fools' Day: The 4 best pranks companies perpetrated on the unsuspecting public


It's April Fools' Day — the dreaded 24-hour window when beloved celebrities can falsely claim to be running for Congress and sandwich chains can jest about ice cream cones crammed with tuna salad with wild abandon.

While some of these pranks — like #RedPlanetProtection from Progressive insurance — are lame clunkers, others are a bit more inspired.

Here are the four best April Fools' Day jokes of 2017:

Will Arnett narrates everyday life on Netflix Live

Luca Bruno/AP

Netflix — perhaps taking a cue from Facebook Live — introduced its own Live for April Fools' Day. In a 48-minute episode of Netflix Live posted Saturday, actor Will Arnett offers a play-by-play on the banalities of everyday life — including a 3.5-minute look at a burrito heating up in a microwave.

PornHub scares viewers with automatic-sharing feature

Anyone who checked out a PornHub video Saturday was given a panic-inducing notification: "PornHub now has automatic video sharing to your social media accounts."

Of course, this was a joke, and the site used it as an opportunity to tell its visitors that "your browsing is always safe and secure."

Snapchat clowns on Instagram

Snapchat changed up its interface Saturday to look like Instagram's — months after Instagram aped Snapchat's story format.

Quilted Northern's wearable tech for pooping

We're all using wearable tech to track our steps — so why not something to help us track our poops?

Enter Quilted Northern's uSit, a device that would allow you to earn badges for bowel movements and challenge friends to "battle sits." It is, sadly, not a real thing.