PolicyMic's Exclusive Interviews: Senator Lindsey Graham and Congressman Jason Chaffetz


Senator Lindsey Graham is a Republican Senator from South Carolina and Congressman Jason Chaffetz is a Republican Representative for Utah's Third District. They both took a few minutes to answer questions for PolicyMic.

Edward: Senator Graham, thank you for taking a few minutes to conduct an interview for PolicyMic. What should millenials be thinking about as we head to the polls in two weeks?

Senator Graham: If i'm a 20-something year old person, I would be worried about this economy. I would like to move out of my parent's basement. If i'm a 20-something year old who has been fighting in the wars for the last six years, I would want to know what kind of commander-in-chief we're going to have. So, I think tonight's debate has to do with navigating a pathway to security. Mitt Romney has already proven that he can navigate the pathway to prosperity. If he passes the test of being able to present himself as commander-in-chief, I think he wins the election. No group is more impacted by the outcome of this election than your generation. 

Edward: What are the real substantive differences between the president and Mitt Romney on foreign policy?

Senator Graham: I see a real huge difference in understanding the importance of leading from the front and leading from behind. It has never worked in the past, it will not work now. Romney will increase partnerships in a way that will allow our friends to count on us and enemies to fear us. Right now, our friends are afraid and our enemies are emboldened. It means being smart. It could mean just providing water and a schoolhouse in some countries, and in other countries training their military to take care of their own. You can always use a reliable friend and a respected foe. The world wants an exceptional America. They need an exceptional America. And, President Obama is leading from behind. 

Edward: Congressman Chaffetz, thank you for taking a few minutes to chat with PolicyMic. What do you believe millenial voters should be thinking about in this year's election?

Congressman Chaffetz: The debt matters. It seems like this strange large number, but it has a real effect on people's lives. Inevitably with so much debt you're going to have rising interest rates and a devaluation of the dollar. You also have inflation, which is probably one the cruelest things you can do to a young person just trying to make their way in the world. I think you just have a fundamental difference in the approach between President Obama and Governor Romney. 

Edward: What do you think Governor Romney would do in his first 100 days that President Obama has not done in the last four years?

Congressman Chaffetz: I hope he will: a) pass a budget and get serious about getting our financial house in order, you can't keep spending money we don't have. I also think that there's an opportunity for a new president to bring Republicans and Democrats together. I would argue that Mitt Romney is in a better position to do that. When he was governor he dealt with a legislature that was 87% Democrat and so I think he is in a great position to pull that off. 

Edward: Tonight is the foreign policy debate, what are you expecting from your candidate tonight?

Congressman Chaffetz: I want Mitt Romney to be just Mitt Romney. If he does that, I think he will come across as presidential, in command of the facts, and someone that I think the country will trust to be the next president of the United States. 

Edward: The Romney campaign has been using you as surrogate for quite some time, should we be looking for anything new from you in the coming months?

Congressman Chaffetz: No, no, I just want to be able to call Governor Romney Mr. President-Elect. 

Edward: Thank you Senator Graham and Congressman Chaffetz.