'Persona 5' Book Reading Guide: How to read books in your spare time


In Persona 5, it's important to manage how you use your free time. You'll have to manage between deepening your relationships with confidants, storming palaces in the Metaverse and working part-time jobs. It's a lot of work, but there's definitely one thing you shouldn't skimp out on, and that's reading.

Persona 5 book reading guide: How to obtain books in Persona 5

According to Polygon, there are two places you can get books from: You can check them out from your school's library or you can buy them from bookstores around town — assuming you've got money. Reading books is a great way to get helpful stat boosts to things like your heart and kindness when you finish them.

You'll want to keep close track of whether or not you've got new reading material, because you'll have plenty of opportunities to read. When? Why, during your commutes, of course.

Persona 5 book reading guide: When to read books

Twinfinite states that one of the places you can read books you've bought is while you're on the train. Sometimes, during your commutes, you'll be able to find a seat, and if you do you can sit down and be able to do some leisure reading on your train ride. It's not a guarantee, and most books will take two reading sessions to finish based on Polygon's research, so make sure you stockpile books as early as possible so you're never without reading material.

Reading on the train is especially important because it's basically a free action, meaning that it doesn't take any time out of your precious social calendar to be a bookworm, unlike reading a book at the library.

Additionally, you can read in class once you've unlocked the temperance confidant, which can be a great way to finish that steamy romance novel you picked up at the corner store. Just don't fall behind in your studies.

The library is a great place to get some reading done, but it requires you to burn an after-school time slot in order to do so, meaning you could miss out on more pressing social events.

Read early and read as much as you can. It's not often we get to say this, but reading a book could mean the difference between life and death late-game, so don't skip it.

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