'Pokémon Go' Easter Event: Fans theorize about egg-based updates for the holiday


A favorite pastime of Pokémon Go players is theorizing about upcoming events. It's not hard to do in a game that's had Christmas events, Valentine's Day events and even Pokémon Day events. But seemingly obvious event material like St. Patrick's Day and April Fools' Day were passed over in favor of a Water Festival, so there's always enough speculation in play to keep the wheels turning.

The next big holiday coming up is Easter, and fans are wondering what — if anything — Niantic might have in store. In any case, the Silph Road has some ideas, so read on below to find out what everyone is thinking.

Pokémon Go Easter event: Could the event have to do with hatching eggs?

Players are most hopeful for an event centered around hatching eggs, with a couple of pie-in-the-sky dreamers hoping to receive another infinite-use incubator to use use for hatching eggs. As several commenters posted, this is unrealistic because of the amount of revenue the temporary incubators bring in.

"Sorry to be a Debbie downer, but I highly doubt Niantic will ever grant additional infinite incubators," user TattMee wrote. "Blue incubators just bring in too much revenue, the goodwill wouldn't be worth the profit loss."

User Tylergo123 agreed, writing, "I predict you will never see another infinite incubator because they are losing money on the first one. Maybe one time use ones again but probably not for a few more months."

A more probable egg-based Easter event would be to reduce the amount of kilometers it takes to hatch eggs in incubators. Silph Road poster PixelPoncho suggested reducing the 2km eggs to 1km, and then reducing 5km eggs to 2km and 10km eggs to 4km. This would also encourage people to hatch more eggs, which could actually funnel more temporary incubator money into Niantic's pockets.

"They'd make loads of money too, with people grinding through incubators faster," user castronotcuban noted.

Pokémon Go Easter event: What about Lucky Eggs?

Although most Silph Road posters seemed wary about bringing up the idea of Lucky Eggs — perhaps because so much speculation about St. Patrick's Day was centered around them — we can't help but wonder if Lucky Eggs will be a major part of an Easter event. After all, Easter is all about eggs, and the Lucky Egg is the only other egg-shaped thing in the game (ignoring increased Exeggcute and Exeggutor spawns, we suppose).

At the very least, increased Lucky Egg drops for an Easter event would finally allow us to make sense of this developer comment at the DICE awards, where players were instructed to save their candy. Evolving Pokémon by using candy while under the experience-doubling effects of a Lucky Egg is one of the most efficient ways to level in the game, so it would make sense.

Easter falls on April 16 this year, so we've still got a few weeks to speculate on what this event will be (if it arrives at all). 

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