'Persona 5' Crossword Puzzle Answers: Guide and tips to looking like a smarty pants


There is plenty to do in Persona 5 – from building relationships to getting a part-time job. On specific dates, you'll even have access to a crossword puzzle mini game. 

The crossword puzzle is an easy way to boost your Knowledge stat — and a great way to impress your real-life roommates as they watch you play Persona 5. If you're struggling to fill in the blanks, check out our guide for some help.

Persona 5 crossword puzzle answers

The crossword will appear in Cafe LeBlanc a couple times per month. Each time you will need to answer a single question to get the reward of 2 points of Knowledge.

Twinfinite has put together a handy list of the answers in the order that they appear:

1. Blue Mountain

Make sure to take advantage of every crossword opportunity, as it is a fairly easy opportunity to get a stat boost. In addition, don't forget to check out our guide on getting good grades — in Persona 5 that is. You're on your own in real life.

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