'Persona 5' School Quiz: Answers to classroom questions


Persona 5 is only kind of representative of the typical high school experience — but not all of us had a super-powered group of friends to go around and fight demons with. 

The most realistic thing? Answering questions in class. It's not a fun mini game or a battle; it is, in fact, a series of questions. That's it. If you get the answers right, you'll get some stat increases — so it's important to be knowledgeable. 

If you're looking to get that A+ by any means necessary, why don't you copy our notes?


Persona 5 school quiz: A cheat sheet

If you're looking for that easy A, we have some answers for you. Eurogamer has put together a handy-dandy list together, but here are the first handful to get you through the first in-game month:

April 12th:

Eurogamer is updating their list as they play through the game. Make sure to check back so you don't fail your class!

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