8 free health, wellness and sleep apps to improve your life

In this day and age, there's no excuse to not keep track of your health. Apps exist for every day-to-day health concern a person could possibly have. Below are eight free health and wellness apps that may help you on your health journey. 


Those who aren't sleeping well can start monitoring their sleep to find patterns. Sleepbot, available for iOS and Android, uses a motion tracker and a sound recorder to give you a full profile of your sleeping patterns. The in-app alarm also makes sure to wake you up when you're in your light-sleep stage so that mornings are a little less abrupt and painless.


A screenshot of SnoreLabSnoreLab

If you're a snorer, it's time to monitor it to better understand how serious the problem is. With SnoreLab, not only can users know if they snore and how much, but they can also get an audio recording and break down of when they start and stop throughout the night. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.


One way to make a lasting change in your diet is to know how you're eating and how you've changed your food intake. Enter MyFitnessPal: an app that makes daily diet logging easy with a database of over 5 million foods and their nutritional profiles. The app, available for iOS and Android, also has an area to log your daily activity, which can contribute in telling you your net calorie intake for the day.


A screenshot of SworkItSworkIt

Short for "simply work it," this app offers workouts from cardio and strength-training to yoga and stretching. Don't have time? The app's shortest workout is 5 minutes long. You can customize the length of your workout. With videos and voice instructions, there's no way to mess up. While the iOS and Android app is free, you can talk to a trainer for an extra $5 a month.


Mental health is just as important as physical health. To de-stress, the Calm app — compatible with iOS and Android devices — offers a variety of soothing sounds like ocean waves crashing or ripples from lakes. Those who enjoy meditating can also enjoy a guided meditation on the free app. Not into nature? Consider melodies for white noise-inspired loops.


A screenshot of the app ClueClue

Tracking periods has several benefits: you know when your next period is coming, you can spot irregularities and you can identify fertile windows if you're trying to get pregnant or avoiding pregnancy. Clue Period Tracker, available for iOS and Android, monitors patterns in your menstrual cycle (like sex, pain, cervical fluids, moods and more) and sends reminders about PMS, ovulation and fertility.

Sugar Sense

A screenshot of Sugar SenseSugar Sense

Diabetes prevention and maintenance requires diligently monitoring your blood sugar levels. That's where Sugar Sense can help: it lets you log your blood sugar at several points in a day. Whether you're diabetic, pre-diabetic or have a family history of diabetes, this app (compatible with both iOS and Android handsets) can be a lifesaver.


You can make a promise to eat healthier, but navigating the grocery aisles can be intimidating. Fooducate makes grocery shopping simpler. By opening the iOS or Android app and scanning the barcode of a product, you can get a synthesized summary of how healthy it is.