'Persona 5' Dirty Two-Horned Beast: The true identity of the Palace monster


Persona 5 is finally here in the west. You've chosen a great (or hilarious) name for your character and found your way to Pervert Castle, the game's first Palace. You and your anime pals are ready to go take on the Palace's boss, but you need to build up your team of Personas first.

The true identity of Dirty Two-Horned Beast in Persona 5

Assembling a roster of Personas, Pokemon-style, is crucial to victory in Persona 5. In this game, you do so by attacking their weaknesses in battle and holding them up. If you need a little help, we also have a more detailed guide for how to do that.

The thing is that all of the enemies have generic names before you capture them, so you don't know which Personas they are until you've done so. One example is the Dirty Two-Horned Beast, an enemy you'll find in the Pervert Castle. The black, horned horses are revealed to be none other than Bicorn once you have one in your pocket.

If you want to spoil every Persona in the Pervert Castle for yourself, head on over to the Megami Tensei Wiki

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