'Overwatch' "Uprising" Comic: Why you should be reading it with the Madefire app


If you haven't heard, Overwatch's new "Uprising" comic — intended to coincide with the forthcoming Omnic crisis event — is now available. It seems like most people simply go to the Overwatch site to access these comics, but there's a much better way to read them that hasn't gotten much attention thus far.

A comics site called Madefire animates these comics, Reading Rainbow style, complete with music and sound effects. It's pretty incredible.

Reading the Overwatch "Uprising" comic on Madefire is way better

When you read a comic on Blizzard's site, you have to view the page in full — you know, like an actual comic. It's fine, but it can be a bit cumbersome to scroll around the page from panel to panel. 

However, Madefire animates the comic from start to finish, blowing each panel up to full size, complete with transitions between panels and ambient music that fits each scene.

Here's what it looks like, in GIF form:

Overall, it's a much more dynamic, easy-to-follow format that fits more closely with the way we read comics on smartphones and computers — and not many people seem to know it's an option at all.

Even if you've read all the Overwatch comics before, try re-reading them on Madefire. It'll be hard to go back to reading them the old-fashioned way.

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