'Persona 5' Heavenly Punisher: Tips on how to beat the mini-boss


You've made your way into the Pervert Castle in Persona 5 and you're finally free to run around and fight enemies as you wish. Yeah, you can get a job and live the life of a regular teenager, but you're here to fight enemies. This is an RPG, after all.

After building up your Persona roster a little bit, you'll be eager to fight the dungeon's boss and get rid of that lecherous jerk. Unfortunately, you've got to fight the Heavenly Punisher before you do that.

Persona 5 Heavenly PunisherHow to beat him 

Eurogamer has a helpful guide to the entire Pervert Castle dungeon, but if just want to know how to beat Heavenly Punisher, keep reading. According to Eurogamer, this is really just a tutorial for guarding. Yes, I know guarding takes up a turn and does no damage so you never want to do it, but sometimes you'll have to do it. Life isn't always fun.

The only thing you really need to know is that he's strong against fire and lightning, so Ann and Ryuji should be on physical attack duty only. Keep doing damage with other elemental types and physical attacks, and when he starts charging up, guard with everybody until he attacks to minimize the damage. Stay vigilant and he'll go down in no time.

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