'Pokémon Go' Rarest Pokémon: What are the toughest Pokémon to catch in Gen 2?


The Johto update of Pokémon Go added 80 new Pokémon to Niantic's popular mobile game. Even if you're not too keen on proximity trading or an inevitable player-versus-player update, that still means there are currently 226 Pokémon to catch — 146 from Gen 1 and 80 from Gen 2, according to IGN — in order to fill out your Pokédex. However, even with biweekly Nest Migrations, it can be a little hard to find some of the rarer Pokémon, even in Gen 2.

Now that the Johto update has had a little more time to settle, we've got the lowdown on the updated relative rarities of Gen 2 Pokémon.

Pokémon Go rarest Pokémon: The current Gen 2 ranking

We've excised the Gen 1 Pokémon from these rankings, but according to EuroGamer, the current rarity rankings for Gen 2 — ignoring evolved forms — are as follows, as of about a month ago:

Everywhere: Sentret, Swinub, Hoothoot, Ledyba

Common: Spinarak, Murkrow, Wooper, Natu, Marill, Hoppip, Remoraid, Sneasel

Uncommon: Chinchou, Sunkern, Aipom, Snubbull, Dunsparce, Teddiursa

Rare: Yanma, Slugma, Mantine, Sudowoodo, Pineco, Gligar, Shuckle, Phanpy, Skarmory, Qwilfish

Very Rare: Chikorita, Cyndaquill, Totodile, Misdreavus, Houndour, Larvitar

Extremely Rare: Miltank, Girafarig, Stantler, Mareep, Togetic, Hitmontop, Unown

Regional: Heracross, Corsola

Not Currently in the Game: Delibird, Smeargle

Obviously it's disheartening to see Gen 2 starters hanging out in the "very rare" category, because unlike Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander, they don't hatch from eggs. Additionally, we should stress this list won't be for true for every player and every biome. We were even able to obtain a Teddiursa, who's listed as "uncommon," during Next Migration 17 in Chicago.

It's also more than a little disappointing to see Heracross and Corsola as region-specific Pokémon. Barring a trip to parts of the world where those Pokémon spawn, portions of your Pokédex are unlikely to get filled in.

That said, the broad strokes of this list are fairly accurate to what the bulk of players have reported — so until we see an event or update that drastically shakes up the availability of Pokémon in each region, you're probably going to be catching a lot of Hoothoots and Swinubs for the foreseeable future.

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