12 healthy recipes to take your NutriBullet to the next level

So, you bit the metaphorical bullet and bought a fancy blender. Congrats!  

The NutriBullet isn't just for smoothies, though the appliance excels in that field. You can also use it to make sauces, soups, dessert and much more. There's really no need to limit your NutriBullet usage to health shakes — blend up some of the below recipes to make the most of your mighty NutriBullet. 

Honeydew kiwi blast

Source: NutriLiving

So many green fruits, one great drink. Get the recipe here

Sweet potato bisque

Source: NutriLiving

Designed with the NutriBullet in mind, this homemade soup is super easy to whip up. Get the recipe here

Curried carrot soup

Source: Erin Alderson/Naturally Ella

Use your NutriBullet to blend up this smooth, spicy soup. Get the recipe here

Flourless blueberry banana blender muffins

Source: Averie Sunshine/Averie Cooks

Mixing batter can be uninspiring, but when you blend the ingredients and toss in some berries, making muffins becomes so much easier. Get the recipe here

Cucumber, parsley, pineapple and lemon smoothie

Source: Gina Homolka/SkinnyTaste

Fresh herbs and citrus make this smoothie one that's actually exciting to drink. Get the recipe here

Sunshine smoothie

Source: Melissa Coleman/The Faux Martha

Clementines get new life as a smoothie base in this feel-good NutriBullet recipe. Get the recipe here.

Angel food smoothie

Source: Melissa Coleman/The Faux Martha

Sometimes the best smoothies are the simplest, like this banana-and-strawberry blend that uses dried milk powder for added creaminess. Get the recipe here

5-minute smoothie bowl

Source: Dana Shultz/Minimalist Baker

Save the money on a fancy acai bowl and make your own. Get the recipe here.

Apple carrot beet ginger juice

Source: Dana Shultz/Minimalist Baker

You could strain the pulp from this savory smoothie to make a juice or keep it in for added fiber. Get the recipe here

Minty grapefruit blackberry blast

Source: NutriLiving

Fresh mint, grapefruit and blackberries are all you need to make this refreshing and healthy smoothie. Get the recipe here

Matcha green tea ice cream 

Source: NutriLiving

Bananas bring the creaminess to this make-at-home cream-free ice cream. Get the recipe here

Earl Grey-infused blender chocolate mousse

Source: kangarhubarb/Food52

Okay, so it's not the healthiest reason to have a NutriBullet, but you can still use your smoothie machine to blend up a great pudding. Get the recipe here