Save big on taxes in 2017 with tips from a CPA — and learn how Trump’s tax plan will affect you


No one likes paying taxes, and in the United States, paying individual income tax can seem especially complicated, confusing and confounding. 

Luckily for you, we have a very special tax-time Payoff episode, and cohost Antonia Cereijido has her own troublesome tax mystery she’s trying to solve. Find out if she can bust through the red tape and bureaucracy of the IRS and get the money she's owed — while learning a thing or two about how you can get the best results when talking to IRS officials this tax season.

Also in this episode, we talk to certified public accountant David A. Isaacs to get answers to all the biggest tax questions you're afraid to ask. We also get his best advice for tax season: Remember everyone is a person with feelings, even those who work at the IRS — and you get more with honey than vinegar.

Finally, we get the lowdown on President Donald Trump’s proposed tax reforms from Payoff reporter James Dennin and find out if you might pay more or less in taxes next year.

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