How to change the Snapchat brush size and color to make your snaps picture perfect


There's a new change on Snapchat, which the platform rolled out quietly with its most recent app update. Users can now control the size of the pen brush on the platform.

The pen feature is available after a user takes a picture or records a video. On the upper right-most side, there's a pen icon. Selecting that triggers a color scale for users to select the hue of their stroke.

Now they can also select the size of the stroke. But there's no button or icon to select. Instead, simply select the pen icon and then use two fingers to "zoom in" or "zoom out." This will bring forth a dot that grows bigger or smaller until you find the perfect stroke width. The dot will be the size of the stroke.

You can also test out the stroke width by tapping the screen once after selecting a stroke size. This will place a dot on the screen showing the width of the stroke. Then, to remove the dot, press the arrow icon on the upper right corner, next to the pen icon.

Much like how users can change colors between unique strokes, they can also customize the the brush size between strokes as well.