Lindsay Lohan just wore a burkini in Thailand. Is this a preview of her new fashion line?


Lindsay Lohan is making waves — in a burkini.

While vacationing, the 30-year-old actress was spotted at a Phuket, Thailand, beach wearing a burkini. The burkini, which has been a hot topic of debate in western countries, is modest swimwear designed for practicing Muslim women. Lohan sported a red-and-black burkini that covered her hair, arms, stomach and legs.

Lohan fans might not be surprised by this latest move. In February, Lohan — who is currently studying Islam — said she was racially profiled at London's Heathrow Airport for wearing the hijab. While visiting Turkey in January, Lohan also donned the hijab at a shopping mall.

The actress is also planning to venture into fashion. In March, Lohan announced she is launching a modest fashion line. There's no confirmation if the burkini Lohan wore in her Thailand vacation was part of her new line or promotion for it; Lohan's reps did not immediately respond to Mic's request for comment.

Twitter users have already expressed their opinions on Lohan's burkini — and several people aren't feeling it. Unfortunately, some of them resorted to borderline Islamophobic criticism.