Who Won the Presidential Debate Tonight: Romney Bombs the Foreign Policy Debate Big Time

After the third presidential debate, Romney basically agreed with President Obama on most of his policies, which basically makes him look even more like a flip-flopper.

Both candidates like to pay lip service to Israel, get tough on China, and call Iran out on its nuclear program. I suppose we shouldn't have expected anything more.

Both candidates also brought it back to domestic policy at every possible chance, realizing that the American public is basically clueless on foreign policy and cares much more about domestic issues. Why not use this opportunity to restate those policy stances?

Many pundits are saying President Obama won this one, but probably just because President Obama has had 4 years of experience with the issues compared to Romney's none.  Further, Romney has gone back and forth about most of his policy stances for this debate to try and look more likeable.  Did it work?  Let the almighty opinion polls decide, the first of which will be unveiled on Tuesday morning ....

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