Maxine Waters says Bill O'Reilly should go to jail, slams Fox News


United States Rep. Maxine Waters has words for the "sexual harassment enterprise" at Fox News, and on Thursday, she shared them with MSNBC's Chris Hayes on All In

The pair discussed a number of topics such as Steve Bannon's removal from the National Security Council, the White House's lack of credibility — and President Donald Trump's declaration of support for Bill O'Reilly, the Fox News host recently accused of serial sexual harassment. Here's what Waters had to say on that score:

It's coming out of the mouth of a man who has said some horrible things about women. Don't forget he talked about grabbing women in their private parts, and because he was important he could get away with it. And so they are two of a kind. And so I'm not surprised that he stood up and tried to defend Bill O'Reilly. But it's all catching up with Bill O'Reilly and that sexual harassment enterprise that they created over there at Fox.

O'Reilly, who recently caught flack for his racist and sexist remarks about Waters' hair, is currently fielding deserved scrutiny and criticism after a New York Times report surfaced a number of sexual and verbal harassment suits women have filed against O'Reilly and Fox News. Together, they've allegedly paid out more than $13 million to keep those women quiet, but now that word is out, dozens of advertisers have pulled their money from The O'Reilly Factor

Fox, of course, is already mired in controversy over the numerous sexual misconduct claims women have made against its former CEO, Roger Ailes. As Waters pointed out, the network is now the subject of a federal investigation

"It shouldn't be, in America, that you can sexually harass women and then buy your way out of it because you're rich," Waters added. "If they continue to do this in the way that they have done, they need to go to jail."

Specifically, "Bill O'Reilly needs to go to jail."

Waters also had some words for Ivanka Trump, the president's "special assistant" and a self-declared advocate for women who's done a less-than-impressive job of championing women's issues.

"Where was Ivanka?" she asked. "She's supposed to be [Trump's] adviser. She's supposed to be the one that's standing up for women."

Excellent question, Rep. Waters. Excellent question.