The Presidential Debate Narrated in Gifs: The Best Debate Recap on the Internet


When Romney kicked it off by saying that he and Obama had attended a "humorous event:"

When Romney said that his foreign policy would consist of "going after the bad guys:"

Policy wonks about 10 minutes into the debate:

Everyone else about 10 minutes into the debate:

When Romney told Obama to get some backbone:

When Romney said the Navy had the fewest ships since 1917:

When Obama informed him that we also no longer use horses and bayonets:

Twitter's reponse:

How Romney apparently pictures Russia:

Obama's face, when he said "check the record" ... but Candy wasn't there:

When Romney labeled himself the candidate of "peace:"

When it became impossible to determine whether we were talking about foreign policy or domestic policy:

When Obama said "Detroit doesn't forget:"

When Romney said "no hypotheticals" then proceeded to give hypotheticals:

When Obama mentioned investing in space:

When both candidates kept changing the topic to domestic policy:

When Obama attempted to throw Biden under the bus:

When Romney tried to distinguish himself from Obama by admitting he supports Obama's policy choices:

All I could think of when they discussed Iran's many centrifuges:

When Romney kept mentioning Mali:

When nobody mentions the euro zone Crisis in the foreign policy debate:

When Romney straight-up started agreeing with Obama:

How I felt when I understood a sentence about China's currency manipulation:

When Romney didn't mention veterans at all, for the second debate in a row:

When both candidates openly support increasing drone strikes:

Obama's face when Bob Schieffer let him completely dodge the drone strike question:

My face when Bob Schieffer let Obama completely dodge the drone strike question:

When Romney kept saying how much he loved teachers:

When Obama and Romney both did their best to pander to women over and over again: 

Bob Schieffer, during the entire debate:

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Bonus GIF, for making it through four election 2012 debates: