Presidential Debate Polls: CBS Snap Polls Show Obama is Clear Winner


The last of the three presidential debates has come to a close. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama took to the stage tonight in Boca Raton to duke it out on foreign policy. The truth of the matter is the two gentlemen spent about half of their time discussing domestic policy and the economy. As for who won, snap polls are already projecting that Obama is the winner. 

According to a CBS snap poll 53% of uncommitted voters handed the night to Obama, while only 23% said Romney was the winner, and 24% are undecided. 

Public Policy Polling shows a similar win for Obama tweeting out: 

The fact that Obama won tonight is no big surprise as the president was expected to be the winner coming into the evening. Pundits across the board cited Obama's four years of experience as well as Romney's dramatic inexperience. 

The night had some interesting twists and turns and some expected omissions: the lack of the mention of Palestine, no mention whatsoever of Burma, and only one little Latin America peep. The candidates focused heavily on the Middle East, and the Twitterverse focused heavily on the meme-able moments: "Horses and Bayonets," "America is the Hope of the Earth," etc. 

The actual polling numbers will not be in until later this week and any reflection of the debate in the numbers will only be felt in the coming days. But the early reactions to the debate, show Obama is the clear winner.