Nintendo Switch Stock: GameStop restocks with new pre-orders — but it's another bundle


Fresh Nintendo Switch stock will always be good news for those looking to order the console. But nowadays the worst thing you can hear after the words "Nintendo Switch restock" is "from GameStop." 

Even though GameStop's Switch consoles are just as good as ones you'd buy from Amazon, Target, Walmart and more, the retailer tends to only sell them in bundles. That means if you want to buy the Nintendo Switch at all right now you'll have to spend extra money on the games GameStop packages with it.

GameStop's latest Switch restock is no exception.

Nintendo Switch stock: GameStop offers more bundles for purchase


GameStop calls its latest option the "Family Friendly Bundle." Just don't expect it to be wallet-friendly. For the low, low price of $459.99, you'll get a Nintendo Switch with neon-colored Joy-Con, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and its expansion pack, Lego City Undercover and a digital download of Has Been Heroes.

Considering the prices of each part of the bundle, you'd be paying the same amount if you bought them all separately. So if you're interested in these titles it's not a bad deal.

The fact that you can't buy the Switch without buying all of these games with it is likely a move to make sure GameStop moves units of the items lining their store shelves. We've entered into desperate times and such times call for desperate measures.

Nintendo Switch stock: When will GameStop offer non-bundled Switch units?

It's tough to say when GameStop will let their buyers just get the Nintendo Switch on its own. Judging by how quickly Nintendo can assemble Switch units, odds are that GameStop will continue to offer bundles only for as long as supply of the console is sparse. 

Once other retailers are able to offer the Switch to anyone who walks in, the $400+ bundles that offer no discount will look much less appealing. It's easy to blame GameStop for requiring their customers to pay more up front, but part of this is on Nintendo, too. 

If you're interested in buying the Switch, pray that Nintendo ramps up the console's availability sometime soon. Or just give in and buy a bundle.

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