'Persona 5' Shadow Madarame: Guide, tips and tricks to beating the 2nd boss


Persona 5 is a pretty long game — it takes roughly 8 hours to beat the first dungeon and first boss. After that, it's up to you to decide what to do with your spare time. However, if you're still in the mood to kick some shadow butt, feel free to move onto the second dungeon and the second shadow boss, Shadow Madarame. We've got your back with a guide to the battle.

How to beat Shadow Madarame in Persona 5

Shadow Madarame is a bit more complex of a fight than Shadow Kagoshima. He has two forms with different abilities that make it challenging to figure out a strategy.

When you start the fight, Madarame will transform from his human self to a floating group of paintings. In this form, he sticks to using a range of different magics from every element.

Keep in mind, you'll have to target specific paintings as they each have a separate health pool. According to Samurai Gamers, "the mouth heals when hit by physical moves whereas the eyes heal if hit with magic attacks." So keep that in mind when deciding which body parts to attack.

Twinfinite recommends taking the body parts out in a particular order: right eye and nose, left eye and finally the mouth. 


After you defeat each part of the painting body, Madarame's human form will reveal itself again. Madarame in this form isn't that difficult to fight, so feel free to go full force with your strongest attacks. 

When a third of his health is gone, he'll turn back into his painting form, except now with one added ability — he can now regenerate fallen body parts. The best strategy to combat this is to weaken all of the body parts and get them in a position to all get destroyed at once.

If you target all the body parts with physical attacks, you'll be able to hurt all of them except the mouth. Then when you finally finish getting them done, destroy them all in one turn. 

At this point the mouth will not be able to heal them all at once and victory should be certain.

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