Debate Winner: President Obama Wins, Because Romney Agrees With Everything


On Monday night, President Obama and Governor Romney faced off for the final time this election season in Boca Raton, Florida at Lynn University. The debate focused on foreign policy and included segments on Syria, China, Libya, and the role of the United States in the world. President Obama and Governor Romney were neck and neck early in the debate, even with their aggressive approaches. However, as the debate pressed forward, President Obama struck a presidential tone and Governor Romney began to agree more and more with the President.

If the goal of a debate is to show where the clear lines of difference are between the candidates, and if it is the job of the challenger to make that difference apparent, Governor Romney failed tonight. It is difficult to discern from Monday's debate how America's foreign policy would be different under a President Romney. When Romney was asked how he would have done things differently in Syria, he agreed with the President's sanctioning policy, but said that he would have done them earlier and with more vigor. When it came to the use of drones, Governor Romney expressed that he agreed with the President. On the issue of Iran, both President Obama and Governor Romney agree that Iran cannot gain a nuclear weapon. 

Starting tomorrow morning, viewers should expect Romney and his surrogates to point out all of the differences that he failed to point out tonight. President Obama is still in the middle of a tight race and Monday's debate may not move the needle at all.

In two weeks, America will decide where we go for the next four years, but as it concerns foreign policy, we can assume we will be going in the same direction. 

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