'Persona 5' Flower Shop: Guide to getting the part-time job


One of the best parts of Persona 5 is getting a part-time job. What's better than getting home after a long day at work, turning on your PS4, and starting your shift at the local 777 convenience store

After you progress in the game and have higher stats, you'll be able to pick up better-paying part-time jobs — one of which is at the flower shop. If you're interested in making bouquets after class, "thistle" show you how.

Persona 5 Flower Shop: How to get this job

After the 777 convenience store, the flower shop is easiest job to get. The only thing you need is at least 2 points in Charm. The pay isn't that much better than the convenience store. But unlike 777, the flower shop also gives you stat increases — specifically in Kindness. 


According to GGEZ, you'll sometimes be asked to organize specific flower arrangements for customers. If you're successful, you'll receive bonus stats and more money.

You should work this job at least twice, as it unlocks "The Mindless Assault Incident," a side mission that will be available in August (in-game time).

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