This is why Taylor Swift's Beverly Hills home is now a historic landmark


If you are sitting at home and thinking about visiting a historic landmark, it is possible that you may consider taking a trip to see the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge or maybe even Carpenters' Hall, the meeting place of the First Continental Congress. It is unlikely that your initial thought would be, "Hey, let's go check out Taylor Swift's home!" Now, though, if you are looking to drive by the star's Beverly Hills mansion, you can at least say you are passing a piece of history. 

On April 4, the Beverly Hills City Council declared that Swift's property, known as the "Samuel Goldwyn Estate," would become a local landmark, and will be placed on the City of Beverly Hills Register of Historic Properties. The resolution further states that "the Council will also consider finding the project categorically exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act."

In order to become a historical landmark, the "Samuel Goldwyn Estate" had to meet certain criteria. For example, a response of "Yes" or "No" had to be given to the following statement: "[The property] is at least forty-five (45) years of age or is a property of extraordinary significance." Since Swift's mansion was built in 1934, it satisfied this particular criterion. The structure also "retains substantial integrity from its period of significance" and was once "owned and occupied by a person of great importance." For those unfamiliar with the name Samuel Goldwyn, he was the co-founder of the studio that would eventually become MGM. He commissioned the property and lived there with his family for "nearly 80 years." You can see the rest of the requirements right here. 

Even if you for some reason do not agree that Swift's home deserves historic designation, it is hard to say it doesn't have style. Even before Swift completed restoration on the 10,982-square-foot mansion (how many apartments could you fit in that?) the property was a sight to behold. And with a swimming pool and tennis court, it could make for a great all-inclusive vacation getaway. You can check out some pictures of the lavish property for yourself right here

According to People, the singer purchased the home for $25 million in 2015 from the heirs of prolific film producer.

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