'Mass Effect: Andromeda' "Remnant Tiller": How to solve the puzzle at the end of the quest


If you're at all familiar with the Mass Effect series, you know that Mass Effect: Andromeda will be chock-full of side quests to complete along with finding a new home for the species of the Milky Way. Many of these side quests will have you dealing with Remnants, mysterious robots that tend to be ... less than friendly. One late-game quest called the Remnant Tiller has you busting into a vault on H-047c, an asteroid some players may be familiar with.

If you're frustrated by the "Remnant Tiller," or just know that you're going to hate having to solve the Sudoku-style puzzle at the end of it, we've got you covered with our Mass Effect: Andromeda guide.

Mass Effect: Andromeda "Remnant Tiller": How to get to the console

As Gosu Noob states, it's not super hard to get to the console. It's solving it that's difficult. Once you're inside the Remnant Conservatory, you'll want to immediately head to the righthand side of the vault and activate the console you find there, which will spawn a helpful Remnant who's able to scan certain consoles that are inaccessible to you.


Once you've got the friendly Remnant, there should be another console to your right that your little buddy will activate if you scan it for him. This will open up two hidden alcoves on either side of the console. You have to activate both of them, but each has a certain number of orbs at the end of the alcove — you'll want to activate the console with one orb first and then move onto the orb with two. This will open up the way forward.


Once you've headed through the next set of doors, approach the center island to make a bridge start to form. Cross it and head to your right, where you'll find another Remnant console only your Observer pal can scan. Have him do that, and he'll open up another set of two alcoves, one with three orbs and one with four. Hit the one with three orbs first, and then the one with four and another large door should open.

Head south (turn right after entering the big door you just opened) from there, and you should reach the tiller room, where an Elite Destroyer will be guarding the console. Take care of it and the Remnants it spawns, and you'll be able to access the console. If you'd like to try and solve it yourself, go nuts, but if you're done with Sudoku (which we all should be — it's not 2004 anymore), we've got the solution below.

We never thought we'd miss the code-matching puzzles from 'Mass Effect 2,' but we have just about had it with Remnant decryptions.

Once you've done that, the quest is marked complete, and you're free to get out of Dodge — or poke around the other consoles to try and grab all the loot from this area. The choice is yours.

Mass Effect: Andromeda "Remnant Tiller": Video walkthrough

If you get a little lost in the Remnant Conservatory, YouTube user PunchNshoot has you covered with a video walkthrough, complete with bumping soundtrack. We've embedded his video below:

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