'Persona 5' Mementos missions: Guide, tips and tricks to side missions


Persona 5 makes it absurdly stylish to beat up bad guys — so much so that you might want to fight more bad guys in your spare time. If you've finished the first palace, but can't wait to get back in the action, you should try a Mementos mission. 

Persona 5 Mementos missions: tips and tricks

Mementos missions are a great way to earn extra experience, money and treasure outside of the main story arcs. They become available in the interim of the first and second arcs of the main story. The purpose of Mementos missions is to change the hearts of people that haven't become corrupt enough for an entire palace. 

A character from the main story starts a website where people can report and complain about people in their lives whom they wish would have a change of heart. The main crew gathers information from the website so they can accept these missions and take out these smaller enemies. 

Atlus/Persona Central

The Mementos missions take place in the metaverse equivalent of the subway tunnels. As you get more missions, you'll need to travel deeper into the tunnels and try to locate your enemies. 

Along your journey you'll find both shadows and treasure, so it operates very similarly to an actual palace.

Persona 5 Mementos missions: How to unlock the missions

To unlock the basic Mementos missions, you'll just need to pay attention to the IMs after class — easy enough. For some other missions, you'll need to get deeper in your bond with certain characters. Specifically, according to Eurogamer, these characters will require Mementos missions:

Ichiko Ohya, Tae Takemi, Sadayo Kawamaki and Chihaya Mifune will each give you a request between Rank 7 and 8, and you will be unable to rank up with them further until you've dealt with their request.

Other Mementos missions will also be available after you've worked at the Convenience Store and the Flower Shop — although there is some conflicting information about exactly how many days you must work at either store. To be safe, four times each will definitely be enough. 

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