iPhone 7 vs. Galaxy S8: Which is faster? The results may surprise you.


The similarities between Apple's iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S8 are endless: Both devices are high-end, powerful and loved by the masses. But which device is faster? A speed test from YouTuber EverythingApplePro has the verdict, BGR reported.

The speed test essentially entails launching applications, casually using them, closing them and re-launching them. At first the two phones were functioning at the same rate, but the speed test shows the iPhone performing noticeably faster than the S8 in launching mobile games with shorter loading times. Later in the test, the iPhone also proves to be faster when exporting a video clip. The iPhone device exported a 4-minute 4K video file in half the time it took the S8.

In the second round of the speed test, none of the apps were closed out when relaunching times were tested. The iPhone, once again, proved to be faster than the S8. The tester observed that the applications fully reset in the S8, likely due to needing more resources during the video export, causing the apps to launch from scratch. The iPhone was faster since the apps just needed a quick refresh.

And when individual app launches were compared on both devices, their performances were pretty much equal. Some apps opened faster with the S8 (like Maps and Minecraft) while others launched faster with the iPhone (like Photoshop Express, Asphalt 8 and GTA).

Both devices were turned off and started again. Here, the iPhone turned on faster — the tester entered the passcode before the S8 fully turned on. When internet pages were loaded on each device's default browser, on the same network, the iPhone 7 outperformed the S8.

That said, the S8's processor is good, earning better scores in processor benchmarking programs. The GeekBench score at the end of the video reveals the S8 has a higher multi-core score (for performing multiple tasks at once) than the iPhone 7, while the iPhone 7 had double the score for single-core (one task at a time). The Antutu app also showed higher performance scores for the S8. These scores suggest that the S8's processor performed the same, if not better, while completing the test tasks.