'Persona 5' Queen's Necklace: Where to find the rare treasure Persona


One of the more notable changes in Persona 5 is the introduction of treasure Personas. These ghastly creatures are much more rare than regular Personas, and when you capture them, you can't use them in combat. However, they make powerful fusion ingredients that you can use to create top-tier Personas.

Queen's Necklace is one such Persona.

How to capture Queen's Necklace in Persona 5

Queen's Necklace is a Persona that can be found in Kaneshiro's Bank, the third main palace you'll encounter in the game. According to IGN's guide, it can be found in the Banker Passageway area of the dungeon. At one point in this area, you'll climb a set of stairs with a patrolling security dog in the path at the top. One of the rooms in this hallway has a couple of objects you can search; identify these by holding down L1. When you hit the correct one, a big jewel will pop out and run away. Hit it, and Queen's Necklace will take you into battle.

Capturing Queen's Necklace is easy. It's weak to gunfire, so just shoot it and you'll hold it up. Talk to it, and it'll join you without any resistance. Once you have it, you can use it in fusion to create powerful Personas. That wasn't hard, was it?

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