'Persona 5' Fusion Calculator: This online tool will make fusing Personas easy


A Persona 5 fusion calculator is indispensable if you're on a mission to fill your Persona Compendium. The newest entry in the series makes figuring out what Persona you get from different combinations easier than ever before, but unless you have the right Personas to create a specific fusion there's still a lot of guessing involved. There are Persona charts out there to help you determine which arcana are compatible with each other, but those will only get you so far.

Thankfully, Reddit user chinhodado has created a Persona 5 fusion calculator that takes a lot of the guesswork out of creating the rarest and most powerful Personas.

Persona 5 fusion calculator: How to find it online


The calculator can be found on GitHub and can be confusing at first glance. However, it has a wealth of information on each of the creatures in Persona 5 that is invaluable to any player. The initial screen when you click on the link above will be the Persona List.

On the Persona List, you'll get useful information like the lowest level you'll meet a Persona at, their name, arcana, and initial strength, magic, endurance, agility and luck stats. You'll also get to see what types of attacks each Persona is weak or resistant against.

Persona 5 fusion calculator: How to use it

To see more detailed information about a Persona, you just have to click on their name on the list. In the individual pages, you'll get to see which skills each Persona learns, what level they learn them at, what each skill does and how much SP it costs. We'll use the Persona Angel's page as an example.

The most valuable part of the page is the fusion section. In this section, you'll be able to see what combinations can form this Persona, and how much money it costs to fuse them. In Angel's page you'll see that a Succubus and Arsene combined together will create an Angel Persona, and in addition to that fusion recipe, you'll find 14 other combinations that will net you an Angel.

You can use the calculator to find any Persona in Persona 5 and learn all the essential info about them, Most importantly, the calculator makes an excellent guide to see which Personas you need to get the most powerful creatures in the game on your side.

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