Whole30 slow cooker recipes to get you through the monthlong diet


Completing the Whole30 is no easy feat. Removing legumes, grains, dairy, sugars, processed food and more for an entire month sounds daunting, but if you're determined, the diet is doable. 

Slow cooker recipes make meal planning easier, since they can produce leftovers for days. Sure, Crockpots are pretty much synonymous with beans, which are banned from the Whole30, but there's a whole world of bean-free, legume-free, Whole30-friendly slow cooker recipes you can cook up to make this 30-day deprivation period a whole lot easier.

Slow cooker beef bone broth

Nom Nom Paleo

If you're skipping out on cream in your coffee — take a deep breath, coffee is okay during the Whole30 — indulge in yet another rich morning beverage: Bone broth. Get the recipe here.  

Slow cooker pulled beef

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So you're going to have to cook up some homemade sugar-free ketchup before embarking on this big meat pot, but once you've slow cooked this meat to extreme tenderness, it can be used in pretty much any meal. Get the recipe here

Slow cooker beef and pepper soup

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Simple, hearty and flavorful, consider this soup your tasty reward after a day full of Whole30 eating. Get the recipe here

Whole slow cooker poached chicken


This chicken recipe alone can get you through the entire Whole30, or at least a week of it! Get the recipe here

Slow cooker Kalua pig

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Pork so good you can literally eat an entire bowl of it, you'll want to feast on this slow cooked pork recipe long beyond your Whole30 challenge ends. Get the recipe here

Slow cooker Korean short ribs

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Soy is banned during the Whole30, but eating vinegar is encouraged. And luckily vinegar brings all the flavor to these slow-cooked beef ribs. Get the recipe here

Slow cooked jerk-style chicken

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Fruit juice, which is allowed in the Whole30, brings an extra boost of flavor to this spicy slow cooker chicken. Get the recipe here

Slow cooker applesauce 


Without sugar or junk food, you're probably still going to get some sweets cravings. Slow cook this applesauce to indulge them, and consider using it as a garnish for the many meat and veggie-heavy dishes you'll be feeding on. Get the recipe here

Slow cooker tomatillo pork chile verde


A slow cooker recipe that's an entire meal in itself, this flavorful chile tastes even better over time, as the pork soaks up all the spices. Get the recipe here

Slow cooker roast chicken and gravy

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Winner, winner Whole30-friendly chicken dinner: This is one of the simplest ways to prepare poultry, and the clean flavors will have you hankering for another serving for lunch the next day. Get the recipe here

Italian pulled pork ragu


Break out the spiralizer, because it's zoodles and ragu sauce night. No pasta necessary to get your tomato sauce fix. This dish is protein-packed and the sauce is versatile enough that it could be ladled out over your other favorites. Feel free to get creative.  Get the recipe here

One pot spaghetti squash and meat sauce


One slow cooker gets you an Italian-style, Whole30-appropriate feast. Get the recipe here

Slow cooker chicken soup

The Healthy Maven

Soothe your legume-deprived soul with a bowl of comforting homemade chicken soup. Get the recipe here